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information about reactions to a product, a person’s performance of a task, etc. which is used as a basis for improvement.

Learning from customer feedback seems like a natural thing for any organization to do. But we went one step beyond and implemented it as a tool that we offer so there can be a 360° learning process in place. It would not be an exaggeration to say that CadMakers as a company owes its existence, as it is today, to seeking out feedback from customers.

A photograph from the older days at CadMakers

We started off as a company that made physical 3D printed models of construction projects, in the process of which we were required to first model the project digitally. We realized after early feedback from our first customers, that the physical model was a vitamin but the digital model and constructability feedback that we provided was the painkiller! Thanks to seeking out that early feedback, we made digital services in the construction industry our core focus. Over the ensuring months and years, we scaled how we seek out, capture and take action on the feedback from our customers and internal team members. Our culture was built on the willingness to keep learning, and taking quick actionable decisions based on this learning.

Flash forward to today, not only are we partnering by providing our services in exceptional construction projects, but are also the proud developers of the cmCore platform – which is a web-based project planning and simulation (cmBuilder), coordination (cmThread), tracking and execution (cmExe), and learning (cmKnowledge) platform for construction.

four cmCor app icons - cmBuilder, cmThread, cmExe, cmKnoledge

And one of the most crucial parts for all these apps is the cmFeedback feature, using which you can not just raise bugs that you find while using the product but also request new features which would cater to your company’s processes and requirements. The cmFeedback app also has a feature called topics – this can be used internally to share ideas and create topics of interest within the organization.

cmFeedback user interface

As a user, you can view all the feedback that you've provided on the dashboard, filter by timeline, upvote, downvote or change the priority of a previously raised request. You can also tag someone to notify them of a specific feature or bug and subscribe to notifications. Explore all the features of the cmFeedback app:

If you are a fabricator or installer, looking a holistic digital project delivery approach, do request a demo and see how your organisation can connect factory production, logistics and installation processes on a single web-based hub. Talk to our product experts and provide us with feedback on how to make it better!

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