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A common problem that many fabricators and installers face in their daily work lives is poor communication - internal and external. A project is planned, the process is started and the tracking is in place. But often the clients are demanding. While identifying where the project currently is at that exact moment is a difficult task in itself, when it is exacerbated by the demand for updates on status changes in every step of production, it becomes quite the challenge. Scheduling, updating, and reporting are some of the most difficult aspects of managing a job shop. Complaints are many, solutions few.  The procurement and delivery of the work package from the early design phase, through detailed design and manufacture, to installation is a process with several inherent risk factors due to the involved cost, technical and engineering complexities, and its position on the critical path in all projects.  

How much time do you and your team spend scheduling and then pulling up data and numbers from papers and spreadsheets, preparing reports, and explaining what those numbers actually mean to your clients? Our guess is that it’s probably a substantial amount of your time. How amazing would it be to get some of that time back and be able to spend it finishing the actual project? Sounds pretty good, right? Imagine sharing a single link for clients and stakeholders to check the status of a project, which not only gets updated in real-time but is also accessible from any mobile device, any time, anywhere!

Let's see how it's done on cmExe!

Consider a commercial glazing contractor working with a wide range of glass products from multiple local suppliers. They have their jobs cut out for them (no pun intended!).  They have teams working to order raw materials, fabricate, ship, and install various parts of a façade. If they didn't have to worry about the paperwork to report the production status and update progress, imagine the time they would save. We are going to take you through the process using 3 personas: A project manager, a site installer on the shop floor, and the client. The project manager can provide access to the 3D model and real-time production status to any client simply by sharing a link generated on the web.


Your clients can now access this link on any smart device without any login credentials. They can view the live digital model that helps them visualize the statuses of all production at any given time. Supposing the manager has just sent the client an update that they have installed four interior walls.


On the shop floor, the site installer with the required access can sign off on the panels. This can be done by going into the application, scar the QR code, and progress it to signed off. They can also make a note or upload an image of the panel so that the client can better visualize the status. At this point, we would like to mention Quality Control Checklists which is a feature that's coming soon to cmExe! These are form templates that help create checklists to aid in superior quality control at each stage of production. So anyone who is updating the status can ensure that they've not missed anything critical before signing off.


The initial link sent to the client stays live at all times and can be used to see the real-time production status of all parts, assemblies, and cargo throughout the project.  After the site installer has updated, whenever the client refreshes the same link that was sent earlier, they can see the window walls and in the report, they can see that one glass pane has been moved to signed-off status.


The client will also have access to a live dashboard to view all the different things happening at one place and time stamps with who did the job along with any notes or images they might have added - all this, at their fingertips!


You can watch the whole video which was a part of our #KeyFeatureFriday series on LinkedIn here - 1-click shared link on cmExe. This approach ensures timely approvals and execution allowing you to get paid faster! If you are a fabricator or contractor and if you want to know more about cmExe, do schedule a meeting with one of our product experts right away and see how cmExe can help connect your factory to the site in a single web-based hub.

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