Announcing the enhanced 3D Production/BIM Model web-viewer in cmExe


As a fabricator, how do I visualize the real-time status of my Bill of Materials/WIP? Can I use the phone I have in my pocket? How can I provide a better experience for my customer by enhancing transparency with real-time reporting leveraging this enhanced visualization?

3D CAD/BIM Models are rarely used in the factory or on-site during the production phase of construction projects because most 3D viewers are:

  • Limited in the ability to load large 3D models in the web-browser, most 3D tools require locally installed on-premise licenses
  • Traditional 3D CAD/BIM tools, used only to represent geometry with limited/no visualization layer of production data
  • Difficult and time consuming to access the model and information so users revert back to paper and spreadsheets
  • Incapable of sharing this visualization and real-time information to users outside of your company

The newly enhanced 3D web-viewer component in cmExe gives enhanced visualization of the full production progress for all parts, assemblies and cargo shipments optimized for view from any mobile device. Users on the shop floor, in the logistics department, installers on-site and clients signing off on your work, will benefit with access to the 3D production model overlaid with all colour coded progresses that are automatically updating in the background as users scan QR codes using the camera on their phones.

The enhanced viewer is powerful enough to load the full building model with inputs coming from all the standard CAD/BIM tools used across the industry such as Revit, Sketchup, Rhinoceros (Rhino/Grasshopper), Inventor, SolidWorks, CATIA, CADWork, etc. (cmExe converts the data from .IFC, .STEP, and .FBX,  file formats). For both design and fabrication model, it can load detailed components all at once and display the production status of all relevant components within the building to help stakeholders visualize the production progress in context. In addition to being able to isolate and hide individual parts, assemblies, and levels to appropriately access the viewpoints needed for installation. Once the components have been installed, users can directly update the status and attach relevant documentation such as drawings and photos to indicate that their work is completed or that there is a specific issue with the component on-site.

Coming soon in future releases under the nesting functionality, fabricators will be able to leverage the enhanced 3D web-viewer for production optimization such as 1D, 1.5D, and 2D nesting, generating the optimized work breakdown based on batch production directly from the 3D.

Supply chain stakeholders will be able to use automation to plan their shipments based on the 3D geometry within the model to minimize unused space within every shipment delivered, reducing cost while simultaneously generating the production sequence and giving visibility to all users with relevant permissions.

With the ability to both view and add additional data on top of the model, the BIM model can now be leveraged as a critical piece of the project delivery enhancing the transparency of data to all stakeholders from the supply chain, construction team, and clients. With easy sharing capabilities through the enhanced viewer revolutionize your customer journey by providing a clear view of the project progress overlaid on a 3D model to your clients like they have never experienced before.

The future is here…stay tuned for more major feature releases here on our blog!

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